Results are coming in with good reports in different key markets around the nation. It is ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE RATE REFINANCE TIME! Get this quarter off to a fast track start with quick PRE APPROVED FHA, VA, Conventional, EXPIRING ADJUSTABLE Streamlines DEALS that are ready to CLOSE!!!

The FHA, VA, USDA programs really closed a lot of loans quick during the 2020 first quarter. These streamlines refinances will continue to produce great results for the rest of this year and well into 2021.  Clients that dropped mail seen results on their campaign in the 2%+ or greater range. Most clients walked away with 10 times the money spent on the mail campaign. The clients who dropped 10,000 mailers or more walked away with over $60,000 in commissions in one month depending on closing times. When you can get 10 to 1 on your marketing dollars it’s a good time to step up for a mail campaign to keep you pipeline full all of 2020. Most of the successful clients of 2020 targeted the Mini Jumbo Streamlines Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders. A lot of independent brokers who just made phones calls by themselves did well and targeted the higher end streamlines borrowers. Most of the consumers are still unaware of the streamline programs or their eligibility for these new programs.


FHA Streamlines

The FHA streamlines continue to produce HUGE results for the experienced closer and good commissions. Sprint Data Solutions has segmented the 5%+ or greater borrowers that can be moved quickly into a new rate or into debt consolidation loan. The borrowers are motivated to lower their payment or get out from underneath heavy credit card debt. Sprint Data Solutions clients have seen good results on mailing as well as calling. Many clients split their mail drops of 10,000 between 5,000 VA streamlines and 5,000 FHA to achieved maximum results and balance in their marketing scheme. The FHA market is alive and well and producing good results which will continue with good results for the rest of the year and all of 2020.  If you like writing the FHA paper, it’s a great time to hit the FHA market with a Sprint Data Solutions preapproved mailer or pick up the phone and dial for dollars. Keep you pipeline full all of 2020 and avoid and slowdowns.

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Balloon Mortgage Leads

This is VAST untapped market of loans. Clients that are working these leads have quietly been making a killing.  There is plenty of these borrowers who will have to refinance. These borrowers also tend to have a ton of untapped equity. Keep your mortgage team happy with plenty of fresh leads everyday waiting for your call.

Veteran Streamlines STEAM ROLLER all of 2020!!!

The VA streamlines produced good and steady results all of second quarter. The VA market is full of borrowers that loans are well into the 6%+ interest rate. There is not as much competition in VA market as not as many shops write the VA loans anymore. If you like working the VA market its great time of year for a call or mail campaign to the veterans. We all know these loans close fast and easy to close.

Reverse Mortgage Holders

The reverse mortgage borrowers continue to turn results. Sprint Data Solutions has segmented out Reverse candidates that have a late pay or tax lien or debt issue and need to consider a reverse mortgage. There is also JUMBO reverses that have yielded many of our clients $10,000 or more in commissions. If you work the reverse market call Sprint Data Solutions today or email SprintData@aol.comSprint Data Solutions also has double opt in email for seniors. This is a great tool for your reverse mortgage newsletters and reverse mortgage updates. Build your database up today of qualified seniors.


The JUMBO loan market turned good results for our clients. We had many shops that target this savvy group of borrowers and made an absolute fortune in commissions closing the BIG ones. If you like working the JUMBO market it’s producing good results. You only to land a couple deals a month to make commissions. One Sprint Data Solutions client that invested $1000 in JUMBO triggers across 5 states made over $25,000 in commissions last month alone. The JUMBO borrowers are on the move!!!

Pre Qualified RENTERS

If you are looking to attract purchase type borrowers, Sprint Data Solutions has pre screen borrowers with verified income and solid credit score ready for purchase. There has ever been a better time to buy a house with the prices and interest rates at all-time lows.  These leads work well at keeping your realtor partner happy as well.

Adjustable Rate Borrowers – Adjusting Arm Alerts


These is a TON of these loans adjusting that are looking for fixed rate. Others want a lower payment. While the credit is 640 or more a lot of these borrowers lean toward the subprime type of borrower. Your competitors do not stand a chance against this type of targeted marketing.

Bankruptcy Mailers

Client dropped one these last month with over 5% response. This client just ramped up for a 25,000-piece mail drop. The results complete with call logs were ridiculous. This market is been untouched for so long. The borrowers are on the phone immediately!! A virtual GOLDMINE and un marketed for years. Visit our website

30-60-90 DAY Late Mortgage Holders

Everyone in the database is PRE-NOD with a 30-60-90 Late on the Mortgage. Most the credit profile is tanked with limited options available. Get these people out the distress today with new program that are available in today marketplace.

Commercial Loan Borrowers & Real Estate Investors

Are you a commercial broker looking for commercial deals or people that buy and have their money invested in real estate? Sprint Data Solutions has the premier file of real investors in the US. Everyone on the list is actively buy and selling real estate. Give this fie a try for high real estate speculators.

Complete National Association of Real Estate Agents Database

Are you looking to establish contact with your local realtor? Need to reach every realtor in the US. Call or email Sprint Data Solutions today and reach every realtor with this file. Comes complete with Postal, Phone, and Fax and E mail.


The newest weapon to add to marketing arsenal. Sprint Data Solutions will put your message right in the borrower’s voice mail. Have a whole newsletter coming next month with all instant results with this type of marketing.

Sales Leads

Need to get in touch with BUSINESS OWNERS that need cash or a mortgage? Look no further than Sprint Data Solutions. We can put you in touch with business owners that are real movers and shakers.!!

Need to reach the entire mortgage community? Need the right list for recruiting.  Are you a wholesale lender or commercial lender or HARD MONEY lender looking for more brokers? Sprint Data Solutions can put you in touch with a 100,000 mortgage brokers instantly. We have Multi Channel contact available Postal, Phone, FAX, or E MAIL. This is great for recruiting new LO’s. Fannie Mae & Equifax have used this list to reach out the independent mortgage broker. This is the nation’s premier Independent Mortgage Broker Database. This file also contains the complete NAMB members as well.